A Stop-Motion Guide to Packing Essentials For Spring Break

Make sure you're traveling in style.

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One thing you hopeflly have to look forward to in the midst of this long and draining winter season is some sort of vacation to take your mind off of all the stresses of day-to-day life. Ideally, traveling plans have already been booked and now you're just counting down the days until you hop on the plane and take off to enjoy the next week or so.

Because we want to make sure you're packing the right things, we've put together a short list of must-have items that should be in your suitcase. Whether you're headed to Aspen and in need of some great boots or you're headed to Miami and looking for some great transitional pieces to go from the beach to the bar, we've highlighted all of that in our Stop-Motion Guide On Packing Essentials For Spring Break.

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Destination: Miami

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Destination: Europe

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Destination: Tulum, Mexico

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Destination: Aspen

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