British artist Dave White uses sharp, multicolored brushstrokes in nearly all of his pieces. Meanwhile, another UK illustrator named Jack Stocker employs a geometric, angular style to paint depictions of iconic kicks.

For The Staple Spring 2014 Collection, designer and pigeon enthusiast Jeff Staple brought the two creators together. They were an unlikely trio, but ended up producing some impressive stuff. 

The collection matches vintage patterns, classic basics, and sport-inspired silhouettes with ease. Z-boys striped polos and bomber jackets are paired with loose, multicolored shorts. A t-shirt with the iconic bird is displayed in Stocker's blocked style. Slacks splashed with White's signature stroke are banded with elastics at the ankle - a look we're seeing a lot of lately.

Browse through the line above, which is slated to debut Feb. 5, then go to Staple for more.

[via Staple]