A nation's heroes often take the form of statues so that they can be remembered and commemorated long after they are gone. Athlete heroes are honored for their talent and dedication to games that unite fans in loyalty and pride, since sports are such an important part of culture

These sculptures were built to serve as monuments to the teammates, fans, friends, and family members of the selected famous sports players and coaches. Before the leading players in sports now, there were the forefathers and mothers of the game, such as the legendary Pat Tillman of the Arizona Cardinals, who retired his uniform to fight in the US Army. His act of patriotism, sacrifice, and strength will go down in history forever. To celebrate sports from golf to football, baseball, and basketball, here are The 25 Most Important Sports Statues built by sculptors such as Omri Amrany, Zenos Frudaki, and Susan Wagner.   

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