It looks like Scarlett Johansson could use a weekend getaway right about now. Lucky for the Her actress who recently found herself in the middle of an endorsement controversy for SodaStream, ScarJo has this gorgeous, ritzy home in the Hamptons waiting for her. Apparently, homegirl dropped $2.2 million on the beach house over a year ago, People magazine reports.

Although Johansson's newest home probably isn't as nice as the $25 million Hamptons house Beyonce and Jay Z had their eyes set on last week, the lofty, two-story beach house is still pretty cozy. Johansson's new crib contains beautiful pine floors, which contrast nicely with the clean, white walls. It also features large windows that allow for plenty of sunlight, four bedrooms, including a master bedroom with its own fireplace and balcony, and a heated outdoor swimming pool. For those hating their lives right now, relish in the fact that ScarJo won't be able to lounge on those endless decks until summertime.

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[via Curbed]