If you've spent any time at all on the Internet, you know what a reaction GIF is, so we'll skip that explanation (it's pretty self-explanatory anyway). Museum of the Moving Image in New York City is looking to explore the files as a form of nonverbal communication in an installation that will open on March 12 and run through May 15.

The museum has asked reddit users to help curate the installation because the site is where much of Internet culture is born (and often where it dies). Redditors have answered the call, posting everything from "Dramatic Chipmunk"

to the always useful "Michael Jackson Popcorn" GIF.

Like any self-respecting person who lives on the Internet, we have URLs for our favorites saved and ready to post at a moment's notice, and we hope a few of them make it into the installation. For more information, check out the Museum of the Moving Image exhibition page.

Ok, one more.

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[via Museum of the Moving Image]