Known collectively as Pomplamoose, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn recently put on a concert, performing a mash-up of three Pharrell hits. Unlike Daft Punk and Pharrell's "Get Lucky" performance at the Grammys, however, Pomplamoose's show was attended by an audience of holograms instead of real people.

Captured on video, Dawn opens the performance with "Happy" The video then walks viewers through the making of the unconventional concert. "All effects in this video were created with only white foam boards and one single projector," reads Pomplamoose's initial disclaimer. "We drag shapes around in our video editor to line them up with our set," reads the next set of words.

As Dawn segues into "Lose Yourself to Dance" and "Get Lucky," viewers watch as images of Dawn's face, goggly eyes, and a pair of bright red lips are projected onto white, foam structures and even Dawn's top in real-time. Eventually, the video shows Dawn setting up more elaborate sets, on which crowds of miniature spectators and Conte are seen jamming out to the music.

Confused? Watch Pomplamoose's video below, and see for yourself.

[via FastCoCreate]

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