The worst part about delivery pizza is its inevitable sogginess, caused by captured steam that transforms the lightweight porous crust into a sweaty travesty. This may soon be a complaint of the past, thanks to entrepreneur and inventor Vinay Mehta. Mehta has created VENTiT, a revolutionary cardboard contraption that comes with built in slats that allow steam to escape, leaving the pizza unharmed.

New York’s own Scott Wiener has declared this to be the world’s best box design. Wiener himself possesses over 650 pizza boxes and holds a Guinness World Record for this remarkable feat, making him a uniquely qualified judge in the domain of pizza boxes. “It’s smart because it doesn’t add any hardware, just rethinks the common construction of a box and rearranges it,” Wiener claims.

Metha is no stranger to cardboard — he’s been dealing with it for over 35 years. During this time, he noticed, the industry remained fairly static, and he began looking for a way to breath life back into it. It took him five years to secure an initial patent for his box design, but now he holds them in almost 100 countries. He intends to partner with international firms to produce and distribute the VENTiT boxes across the globe.

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