Over the weekend, the enigmatic Sheffield-based artist Phlegm opened his very first solo exhibition at the Howard Griffin Gallery in London. His show "The Bestiary," which we previewed a week ago, allows longtime fans a look into all of Phlegm's signature creatures. While Phlegm's fans got a chance to familiarize themselves with his creatures through his book of pen and ink illustrations, "The Bestiary" marks the first time his hooded characters and beasts are highlighted and depicted on a massive installation.

While much of "The Bestiary" portrays his black and white creatures in a natural setting, freely running amok, some scenes from the highly immersive installation actually simulate a medieval storage room. Filled with jars of specimens and animal parts, "The Bestiary" literally collects all of Phlegm's beasts in one place, and the whole exhibition unravels like a storybook. Combining low and high relief into his detailed installation, Phlegm is able to bring a sense of realism to his imaginary creatures.

The exhibition is on view until March 4, 2014, but lucky for you, we've acquired some shots from the show.

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