If we told you Native Danger time traveled through a wormhole and landed on earth just to show you what clothes from the future are going to look like, you might believe us. Inspired by mecha motif, the line plays with meticulous details, materials that can probably survive a nuclear fallout, and extreme silhouettes. Just think Gundam or Transformers, because the clothes look ready to shift into your own personalized robot suit.

There are plenty of highlights to look out for in the fall/winter 2014 collection. MA-1 jackets apply 3M insulation layers and come with reusable gel warmers seen through visible chest inserts. Asymmetrical cuts and extended body silhouettes are incorporated on parkas, hooded vests, and basic layers. And the line also extends to pants that incorporate cuffed hems or Polartec fabrics. The standout, however, is a crazy-looking snapback with a detachable neoprene facemask. If you thought Kanye West was bugging, this is only the beginning of this accessory.

If you want to find out more, visit the Native Danger website.