Street artists often find themselves on the run from police, but London-based graffiti writer Anna Garforth isn’t looking over her shoulder. Instead of using ink to tag buildings, this environmentally-conscious artist uses a living substance: moss.

Somewhat paradoxically, Garforth was inspired to work in this unusal medium while visiting a cemetery, struck by how lovely moss looked growing over letters on headstones. Her work has been spotted in Europe and Hong Kong, and so far, its been very well-received.

By adopting a natural substance as her medium, she can create without producing any toxic fumes. Further, moss is actually good for the environment because it helps keep the air clean. And her messages are just as positive as her medium. Inscribing words like "Grow" and "Supporting" onto facades, she makes every passerby’s day a little bit brighter.

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[via VisualNews]