New York City's mayor cares about fashion, guys. He cares a lot. 

Earlier today Mayor Bill de Blasio, who assumed office on Jan. 1 after Michael Bloomberg's term ended, announced the seven winners of grants from a public-private program that helps fashion companies take their businesses to the next level—an initiative Bloomberg set up. During the unveiling, de Blasio made it known that he will be making the fashion industry a "priority." 

"This is an imperative," he said. "This is a strategic, important matter for the people of New York City."

He didn't say how he plans on achieving this, but he said that Alicia Glen, his deputy mayor of housing and economic development, would be leading the "efforts to grow fashion manufacturing efforts... in all five boroughs." 

Stay tuned to see if de Blasio follows through, and if he becomes Anna Wintour's new BFF

[via Capital New York]