Well, Supreme's S/S 14 collection just dropped and the mad dash to cop jawnz is in full effect. It's straight digital fuckery across the board. The Playboy jersey is gone, as is the bucket hat with the logo trim. This reporting is all as of 11:30am (the collection dropped at 11). Shit selling out is expected, but what may have caught some by surprise was that the label was offering size small in most garments, something they rarely, if ever, do. Typically, smalls are only offered for high-end collabs like the Loro Piana trench coat from last season (or for the Japanese market in general), but this time around, the tiny garments are available for regular Supreme items like tees, jackets and pants. Whether this was a move to meet the needs of their increasingly younger audience or simply a decision made in the interest of making more money, it's hard to say. Point is, if you're a little bro or wanna cop your boo some 'Preme, now you can.