Old, discarded books come to life in the hands of Oxfordshire-based artist Kerry Miller, who recently opened a solo exhibition at Shooting Gallery's "Re-Imagination of the Book." Using basic tools like a pair of scissors, watercolor paint, and a bit of ink, Miller cuts up and reconstructs tattered books into intricately carved, incredible works of art. 

Some of his books have been opened to display bursts of meticulously cut 3D illustrations. Others remain closed, though Miller has carved out the front covers to create a frame for the book's interior.

"My favorite pastime is going off on an all-day book hunt; no junk shop or charity shop left unturned," Miller said. "I search for a book that’s just right for my work, one that has a little world hidden within, and one that’s just begging for the beauty of the interior to be revealed."

By recreating unwanted storybooks and old manuals into stunning, pop-up relics, Miller compels viewers to see the magic inside the pages of an art form that's slowly becoming obsolete thanks to technology.

Miller's "Re-Imagination of the Book" is on display at Shooting Gallery until March 8.

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