On the premiere of "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Kanye spent a good amount of time explaning why his creative expressions are limited and stifled when it comes to the arena of fashion. 

When new host Seth Meyers asked, "What's the difference in how you approach fashion to how you approach music? Is it similar? Is it completely different?" Kanye replied, "Everything in the world is exactly the same."

Uh. Asked to elaborate, Kanye went on to lucidly explain what he's been saying for some time now. "When I want to do fashion, I just want to give you sculptures," he said. However, due to his status as a celebrity and a hugely successful artist, he says that he's limited to music only, and not given the creative freedom to express his visions in the realm of fashion. 

And he may have found a believer in Seth Meyers. The talk show host told Yeezy that, due to the doubts that Kanye first faced when he began rapping, Meyers has faith that the rapper will find success with a foray into fashion. "I am betting on you, based on how everything has gone up until this point," Meyers said. 

"Thank you. I appreciate that you bet on me," Kanye replied. "Now it'd just be great if you owned a fashion company and you could support me." Your move, Meyers.

[via Late Night With Seth Meyers]