What's a surefire way to scare the shit out of the audience watching your horror film? Feature some devil-possessed, animal-eating, bloodthirsty children.

The Ring. Orphan. Sick Boy. Classic flicks like these tap that inherent fear most feel when they see a haunted kid looking to kill.

But somehow, we're not scared of the ghoulish creatures gracing the front of JUUN.J's latest line of t-shirts and crewnecks. The Korean style heavyweight, who was chosen as Asia Times' top designer to watch before his 2007 debut, put otherworldly graphics on white and black basics for this collection. Children with horns, blank stares and greying skin are presented in varying levels of creepiness. The undisputed highlight from this standout designer is the neoprene sweatshirt: a superbly structured crewneck with dart seams at the back, front and sleeves.

Pick up more JUUN.J here.

[via SSENSE]