Wow, Jackson Pollock licensed Crocs? I can't front, if you gave me any amount of money I'd be down to license the shit out of anything related to my life. And you already know Crocs got that Scrooge McDuck money from families that have given up on things like ankle support and light jogging. Moms in off-brand workout leggings and Crocs fucking love Jackson Pollock. THEY WILL ROBOCOP THE SHIT OUT OF THIS AND A RARE HEMLINE TUNIC WITH A 22% OFF COUPON AT KOHL'S. Just in case the h8erz at Trader Joes don't recognize the signature look, the straps even feature Pollock's signature SO THEY KNOW IT'S REAL. You got those paint-splattered 'gielas? BITCH, PLEASE. I JUST MARIO BATALIED INTO YOUR BOO'S DMS WITH THESE PRICELESS WORKS OF ART ON MY FEET. Right after I whip up a mean puttanesca best believe I'm kicking these joints off and relaxing with a nice Pinot.