When you step into a runway presentation, you're pretty much prepared for whatever the visionary minds behind the brand have cooked up. Lagerfeld famously held his Fendi '07 exhibition on the Great Wall of China, which reportedly set him back ten mill. Rick Owens' S/S '14 show featured a team of steppers that gave the most intensely stirring performance the high fashion world has seen to date.

And then there was Han Kjobenhavn's winter '14 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. For the presentation, the breakout Danish brand brought in a model wearing a Speedo to tote around the other models wearing items from the actual collection.

Additionally, the man was on a three-wheeled bike/chariot, his face completely covered by a mask, all-white high tops on his feet. Models also wearing face masks were wheeled in donning shorts with leggings, tech-inspired jackets and angular patterns. Meanwhile, more masked models waiting to get a ride chilled in a cage in the back.

Nightmare? Fetish? We're not sure. One thing we know, though: the show, along with all its color-blocked, minimalist glory, will forever be one for the books.

[via Han Kjobenhavn]