Through the 2000s, duo ASVP has consistently pasted the streets of New York with future cops, balaclavas, and their moniker in a stylized typography. The bold color choices of each screen print make the images remarkable amidst the city’s grey color palette and buff stains. Coupled with an unwavering fear of heights, ASVP has assured that their name remains untouched and, therefore, ever-present.

Image via Rhiannon Platt / ASVP

The streets act as an indication of the artists’ work ethic, perpetually busy at a breakneck pace. A recent studio visit with ASVP only acted as confirmation of this; layers of inspiration were taped to the walls indicating a new creative path. In 2013, their humorous side emerged during Doyle New York’s Street Art Auction when they presented the image of a raffle ticket.

Since Exit Through the Gift Shop, sales such as Doyle have become a race amongst collectors to find the next big investment rather than purchasing based on aesthetic merit. Seizing the opportunity, ASVP toned down their imagery, choosing colors in a similar palette to make their previous graphics a subtle tone-on-tone backdrop, similar to the image pictured above. Subtly hidden in a contrast of matte and sheen is their signature imagery, including their logo. These iconic graphics are overlaid with the classic text and numbers of a raffle ticket. The juxtaposition questions if the individual purchasing the piece has found the next big winner. At the auction, Keep This Coupon sold for $5,000, a record for them at Doyle New York. 

Image via Rhiannon Platt / ASVP's studio

Their recent body of studio paintings has continued their deviations in style, moving more towards abstraction. References range from abstract expressionism to graphic novels, which act as both inspirations and motivations. On this subject, ASVP states: 

The idea that the wall itself brings as much to the work as the work brings to the wall is something we are exploring in this series of paintings. Flattening the hierarchy between the image and the surface it sits on considers whether it is the artwork itself that people are connecting with in the streets, or if the work is actually an ephemeral vehicle, which ultimately ties us more closely to the physical environment we live in and are surrounded by everyday.

Image via ASVP / ASVP detail

Just as with Keep This Coupon, these abstractions continue their questioning of street art’s value system outside of the public atmosphere. The combination of colors, reminiscent of buff used to remove illegal artwork, combined with bold graphics, recreate a scene that is typically not present in a street artist’s sellable canvases. As with the public realm, timing is key when experiencing the chrome layers of their mixed media pieces. Depending on the lighting, the reflective surfaces offer wholly different experiences, much in the way that weather transforms a wheatpaste’s surface.

Image via ASVP / ASVP detail

The details photographed by ASVP offer a glimpse into what viewers can expect from their newest fore, which will be available at Doyle’s 2014 Street Art Auction. With the same enthusiasm put into each gallery creation, the duo will be creating similar works for their original audience, the streets. As the weather warms and the daylight hours extend, those wandering the streets can expect to see these post-graffiti abstractions in their neighborhoods as well as in the galleries. For the canvases, ASVP has carefully concocted backgrounds that enhance their graphics. One can only image how the layers of intricacy will further develop once adjacent to New York’s naturally occurring buff marks.

Image via ASVP / ASVP detail

Image via ASVP / ASVP detail

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