Although rappers like Jay Z have long established the fact that there's big money in fine art, it's sometimes difficult to gauge which artists to put money into and whether or not their works will be worth much in the future. For those looking to add to their art collection or to keep up with the ever-changing art market, a team of anonymous researchers and predictors has recently launched SellYouLater™, a helpful website which analyzes and forecasts which artists to invest in. 

"Our intent is to quantify deep industry knowledge and grant access to both collectors and institutions interested in the emerging segment," the founders told Artspace. "Until a few years ago, auction results were not publicly distributed; we envision a similar demand and adoption curve for art market forecast models."

The website provides a rundown of trends in the art market, offering buyers tips on which artists to buy now and which ones to ditch. To identify these trends, SellYouLater™ considers past auction results, representation, collectors, and museums, among other facets. Perhaps most significant to potential collectors is the site's "Liquidate" category, which lists the artists who aren't doing so hot. Complete with brief notes summing up the sales, SellYouLater™ offers a pretty straightforward look at recent auctions.

"We provide clarity in an opaque market by providing actionable forecasting to collectors and institutions seeking entry to the emerging art market," SellYouLater said.

[via Artspace]

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