With the 2014 Academy Awards happening in just a few days, designers from Shutterstock have scoured the stock photography company's collection of images to re-imagine the film posters of this year's Oscar-nominated movies as Andy Warhol might have. Combining stock photographs, vector graphics, and other illustrations which touch on pop culture, some of these images are more visually appealing than the original.

In the recreation of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, for instance, there is a bright yellow astronaut shown against a vibrant pink backdrop instead of an outer space setting. Strewn throughout the poster are matching yellow bananas that call to mind the king of pop art himself.

"The idea for my Gravity poster was to take a common Pop Art pattern, but replace the dots with stars to set it in space," Lily Ou, the designer who created the piece, explained. "To give it a humorous twist, I used bananas as missiles, striking and shattering the satellite, sending the hapless astronaut plummeting away." To read about the other designers' creative processes, head over to Shutterstock's blog.

Click through to see the rest of the pop art-inspired posters.

[via FastCoCompany]

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