In September, 2013, the news came up that a former stylist of Drake's named Michael Raphael was making a legal claim that Drizzy illegally copied the OVO owl chain that the stylist designed, suing the rapper for an undisclosed amount. Drake has responded to Raphael in legal documents, as reported by TMZ.

In them, Drake hits everyone off with a little history lesson, claiming that the jeweler doesn't own the design, because it's actually based off an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic that's more than 5,000 years old. Therefore, since the design wasn't created by Raphael nor Drake, the stylist's case is null and void. Drizzy requested that the judge toss out the case. Developments are pending, but it sounds like Drake truly does believe he has the right to be wearing every single chain even when he's in the house.

[via TMZ]