Broken Bells stopped by New York City last Friday, performing before a room full of fans at an intimate album release party hosted by Tumblr IRL. To celebrate the release of After the Disco, which is out right now, hip Brooklyn venue Baby's All Right was converted into a small art gallery, showcasing Danger Mouse's dreamlike photography and artwork by Jacob Escobedo, who designed the latest album's cover.

The entire venue gave off the retro sci-fi vibe of After the Disco's intergalactic cover and funky sound, including the artwork exhibited. Displayed throughout the gallery were Escobedo's early concept sketches alongside the finalized covers for After the Disco and the single "Holding on For Life," designs inspired by Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. In addition, Danger Mouse also exhibited some of his whimsical photographs at the gallery. His images portray the same helmet-clad woman from Escobedo's covers against gritty, barren landscapes of rubble and water.

Broken Bell's performance, paired with dope artwork and even a vintage jukebox specially designed for the event, made for a fun evening and allowed fans to experience the band's inspiration behind After the Disco.

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