New York City vendors say they can't keep up with the spike in demand for winter boots.

Just one week after the city declared a short-lived salt shortage brought on by heavy snowfall, it seems the powdery downpour has now caused yet another deficiency, (besides ruining our lives with cabin fever). Shop owners are rushing to refill boot stock in their stores. For some, like manager of Eastern Mountain Sports store Brian Rosener, it's impossible to keep up.

"We are completely short, completely out of stock at this point," Rosener told the New York Times. "It's been a tough winter to stay ahead of the curve. We've gotten very good at apologizing and finding other stores to get the products in."

Some parts of NYC were hit with nearly 10 inches of snow last week, leaving folks who didn't cop their winter kicks months in advance in a cold, wet spot.

But Rosener said the pressure hasn't caused residents to stray far from their base aesthetics.

"New Yorkers are still very particular about color," Rosener told the Times. "They'll take it in any color you have, as long as it's black."

[via New York Times]