Black Scale has teamed up with Namco Bandai Games America Inc. for a video game-inspired capsule collection. The video game, of course, is none other than the highly-anticipated Dark Souls II.

Included in the collection is a black hoodie with "Dark Souls II" written on the front in Black Scale's signature archaic font with what looks like graphics from the game itself on the back. There's also snapbacks in black or white with a knight's helmet on the front and Black Scale's branding on the rear.

This is Black Scale's first collaboration with a video game, but the partnership doesn't really come as a surprise. Both the streetwear brand and Dark Souls II share a dark aesthetic and, as Black Scale creative director Teron Stevenson put it, they both "focus on identity and death." 

"We fell in love with the idea of collaborating with the Dark Souls franchise because the brands meshed well together and gave us an opportunity to expand creatively," Stevenson said. 

The collection isn't for sale, but don't worry because you could still get it for free.99. Just follow Dark Souls on Facebook for a chance to win one of these in time for the video game's release on March 11. 

While you're at it, watch this two-part video series below to find out more about how the project came together.