New York-based brand Battenwear's spring 2014 collection dropped earlier this month - a line of wavy, print-heavy, surf-influenced pieces.

Head designer Shinya Hasegawa, who travels the length of the East Coast chasing the swell year-round, has oft-cited his love for 1960s-70s surf culture as inspiration for his wears. Battenwear's baseline aesthetic is one that's cropping up in a handful of spring lookbooks - bright colors, tropical prints and tourist-heavy vibes.

For this collection, Battenwear offers a range of lightweight anoraks, bombers and windbreakers that are just right for 7 a.m. dips in the Pacific. Neon button downs, retro florals and one roller derby gym jacket are all serious highlights from the line. 

There's a lot more at Battenwear, so head that way when you're done looking through the best of, above.

[via Battenwear]