While Ai Weiwei may not be pleased with the Miami artist who smashed one of his Han Dynasty vases at the Perez Art Museum, a few dozen other artists have stepped forth offering their support to Maximo Caminero, who faces up to five years in jail if convicted. The handful of artists have pledged to donate works of art toward an auction aiming to raise money for the legal defense of Caminero.

Fellow Miami artist Emilio Martinez, for instance, has received donation offers from 35 to 40 artists and calls Caminero's smashing of the vase a "heroic" act.

Frustrated with the Miami museum for showing the works of an international artist and not supporting local talents, Caminero destroyed one of the $1 million vases from the Chinese dissident artist's "Ai Weiwei: According to What" exhibition after security guards approached him. (Watch a video of it going down here.) While some applaud Caminero for voicing his sentiments, others' opinions are more nuanced.

“We do not support the act, but we support the intention,” said Danilo Gonzalez, a fellow artist who has organized a news conference, where attendees will be discussing the cultural implications of Caminero's actions today.

The auction is expected to take place in three to four weeks, as the organizers are still in search of a location and auctioneer.

[via NewYorkTimes]

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