Stefan Janoski's signature shoes and modern art come together in an imaginary collaboration dreamed up by Bulgarian artist Simeon Georgiev. Inspired by existing art-inspired footwear, Georgiev created these 3D models of the Nike SB Stefan Janoski meshed with a Jackson Pollock drip painting, the iconic Jean-Michel Basquiat crown, and Keith Haring's colorful dancers.

"I was trying to do 3D models of the sneakers as best I could. When I finished them, I decided that it would be interesting to create the final renderings not as the original shoes available now but as collaborations between Nike and the modern artists," said Georgiev, who recently created 3D models of LEGO mini-figures decked out in some of our favorite streetwear brands.

While Georgiev's Haring-inspired sneakers channel the vibrant color scheme of the New York artist's dancing caricatures, the other two sneakers are less flashy—though still pretty dope. It's too bad these sneaker designs aren't real because we know people who would drop a ton of money for these art-inspired kicks.

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