Abdul Abasi is probably best known amongst the menswear set as "that super cool dude who works at Nepenthes that I'm kind of afraid to talk to because he will probably think I'm lame." But few know that he recently launched his own label with Greg Rosborough by the name of—DUH—Abasi Rosborough. Luckily for them, together, their names sound crazy ethnic and spiritual, like the name of a bazaar that sells incense and chicken vindaloo all under one roof. The clothing itself is very drapey and dystopian, which we love on its own, but it's also quite practical. For example, a few of the jackets are reversible, transitioning from a tailored, pared down aesthetic to a more militant, rugged look. This is the type of shit you need to be wearing at upscale events where you think there will be a lot of people with asymmetrical haircuts and expensive tattoos. I'm talking shit like gallery openings, Cirque Du Soleil, farm to table dinner parties, jazz concerts, etc. Abasi Rosborough just launched their online store, which is why I'm writing this.