We all saw Aimé Leon Dore’s out-of-control initial drop, featuring next level cozyboy essentials in the form of hooded robes, tapered sweatpants, and that script print pullover that set the Intrawebz on fire.

However, while the collection sold out in minutes, its web-page has insight to offer beyond the no-longer-available covetable pieces: Aimé has pledged to go beyond the traditional realm of a fashion site, delving into the inspiration behind those grail items we all instantly came to love love.

For us sartorially-inclined, style isn’t just about the street style shots, the neck-breaks, or the superficial—it’s a means to express oneself, and a manifestation of where each person comes from merged with where we dream of going. Aimé Armeé is an ongoing chronicle of the inspiration behind their brand in the form of artists/designer features that align with its aesthetic—going beyond the standard "About" section.

Do yourself a favor and check out their most recent piece on rad artist Seb Gorey. Who knows, you might get lucky and catch an unexpected re-stock Red October-style while you’re learning a thing or two.

[via Aimé Leon Dore]