At this point, we've seen just about everything designed and produced using 3D printing technology. Designers are going to have to find new and interesting ways to use the technology because the honeymoon is officially over. This latest project from MadLab is cool design-wise, but it's really the process that we find really interesting (and kind of creepy).

For the "Reverberating Across the Divide" project, designer Madeline Gannon used chronomorphologic modeling to design skeletal collars and bracelets. The finished products are definitely works of art, but the program used to create them is out of this world. The interface allows the designer to use two virtual squids to draw the accessories around a 3D model. The path that the squids take become the intricate, bone-like "links" of the jewelry. We don't think that we've ever seen anything like this, and if you have, leave a comment below telling us where to look.

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[via Creator's Project