Union Los Angeles has just added 3.1 Phillip Lim onto its already-strong roster of brands. Each and every product is the sort of next-level shit we’ve come to expect from the shop's buyers. Amidst the tailored cozy boy sweats are designs with details that will not only get you some looks, but will also elevate your wardrobe.

For starters, Lim’s answer to the side-zipper popular right now is a fresh new take on the cut-off crewneck. The sweater is scattered with laser cut holes and fitted with a zipper on the side. It’s another way to show off the layering game you have underneath.

Another layering gem comes via a pullover fitted with a long tail on the hem giving it the illusion of a button down underneath. Other twists include a boxy jacket with neoprene construction and sweaters featuring extra long drawstrings. The collection is essentially a cheat code that guarantees multiple praying hands and "100%" emojis on Instagram.

Get started now and shop on the Union Los Angeles website

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