Though he may only be 11 years old, Wynn Salman has already got a pretty impressive portfolio of artwork. Most of Salman's illustrations are of his favorite comic book heroes and villains as well as characters from movie series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and even Rocky. While it's probably pretty typical for kids to draw pictures of their favorite characters, not everyone can do so as skillfully as Salman.

Unlike most kids who scribble and doodle absentmindedly, Salman has a good grasp of how to create contrast in his drawings; dude's cross hatching game is on point. He's even experimented with various drawing mediums and styles, too. Lately, for example, Salman has started gluing magazine cutouts into pencil sketches of Amy Poehler to achieve some of that Picasso aesthetic. In the past, he's drawn Wolverine and Spider-Man on graph paper to create dope, pixelated illustrations reminiscent of 8-bit video games. While most of his earlier drawings are of fictional characters, some of his more recent works include portraits of his family members, friends, pets, and even rappers like Bun B.

Head over to his Instagram to view more of his artwork.

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