Five years ago today, Drake dropped his So Far Gone mixtape—and nothing's been the same since. The Toronto rapper was already two mixtapes in by then, but none of them did what this EP did for his career. So Far Gone catapulted his career to the next level, paving the way for his eventual stardom. 

Since 2009, he has a few more awards to his name—including a Grammy—a few more hits in his catalogue, and a ton of memes. Even his style has been through its own evolution. Throughout the years, he's gone through numerous phases, including a long reign as the king of sweaters. But, as with anyone figuring out his personal style, there were a few questionable things that Mr. OVO should've (probably) left alone. In case you forgot, here's a reminder. So Far Gone: 10 Things We're Glad Drake Decided to Stop Rocking.

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