Tom Ford looks like he’s developing a soft spot for sneakers after swearing he would never make a tennis shoe, ever. But since photos were forbidden at his presentation during the men's portion of London Fashion Week, only third-hand accounts can be relied on at this time.

From the vivid descriptions, the shoe sounds super luxe, as expected from all things Tom Ford. The hand-finished leather construction is topped off with a polish that takes “three days.” If you thought a five-minute shoe buff was long, imagine 72 hours. You can probably literally see yourself in them due to what sounds like a high mirror shine. But that’s not all. The sneaker also comes in velvet. “I couldn’t help but do them also in velvet—I love velvet,” the designer added. Sneakerheads might be brushing these across their faces instead of licking the soles. 

The shoe already sounds expensive, but perhaps (and hopefully) not as pricey as the rest of the collection, which we don't expect to be be attainable to someone who makes the median annual salary. Down jackets lined with coyote fur, silk robes, and moleskin pants have prices that probably soar past the five figure range. The shoe itself might be the most attainable, and we can’t wait to see what it looks like.

[via NY Mag]