The nation of Qatar has just dropped anywhere from $90 to $125 million for an Upper East Side mansion, previously owned by the Wildensteins, a family of established art dealers. Apparently, Qatar wants to use the Beaux Arts townhouse on 19 E. 64th St. as a consulate. Though the New York Post has claimed the value of the mansion to be $125 million, The Wall Street Journal says the purchase totals over $90 million—still though, both are a whole lot of money. 

While this purchase breaks all records for the sale of a New York City townhouse, including a $88 million purchase of a Central Park penthouse in 2011, there's been dispute over whether Qatar's purchase can be considered the city's most expensive residential sale. A Wildenstein spokesperson has said that since the luxurious mansion is a commercial property, it doesn't really fall into the same category as the Central Park penthouse from 2011. 

Such a beautiful home. It's a pity no one will be living in the penthouse, really.

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[via NYCurbed]