Yesterday around 12:30 p.m., a crew of five thieves stepped into the Cartier Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. After pushing past an unarmed guard, two of them smashed a display case with hammers and snatched every single watch but one. The total cost of what they made off with during this daylight robbery was $700,000. 

The dozen workers and half-dozen customers in the store didn't even realize what was going on. “It happened so fast that people really didn’t know what was going on,” a police source said. “They heard the smashing of the display case, but they thought it was an accident outside. And the perps ran out before the customers realized anything.”

Other sources said that the crew had attempted to enter the nearby Wempe watch and jewelry store, but a guard threw them out. The police believe this incident might be related to at least six other "smash-and-grab" robberies that have gone down recently.

[via New York Post]