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The Simpsons, America's most beloved animated family, is hitting its 25 year anniversary this year. Yes, 25. At one point the longest running animated prime time show, and then the longest running scripted show period ever since 2009, the program is and will always be known as the greatest TV show ever, with a staggering 540 episodes and new episodes STILL airing. 

To celebrate this monumental achievement, Los Angeles "casual-rich" label Joyrich is collaborating once again with the iconic group, this time focusing mostly on Springfield's local bad boy, Bart Simpson. The brand commonly known to reference '90s style cues kills it once again with huge vibrant prints on oversized T-shirts, varsity jackets, sweats, and accessories. The street-inspired designs also feature gold chain details, tiger stripes, luxurious materials, and more.

With the first collaboration selling out almost immediately with Japanese retailers, it's no wonder why the Twentieth Century Fox entity was thrilled to work with the brand once again, stating that "this partnership with Joyrich defines current street style and continues to showcase the show’s indelible imprint on pop culture year after year."

Your local Joyrich retailers as well as the official online store will stock this limited edition collection very soon, so now would be a good time to rewatch some of your favorite episodes. Monorail, monorail, monorail...