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There's no better place in the world to be exactly who you want to be than in New York City. The boroughs at this point are filled with Midwest transplants and foreigners looking to better their lives. And how can they not? It's a place to experience the best in everything; food, nightlife, fine arts and, of course, fashion. And you would have none of these things without the people who were born and raised in NYC to lay the groundwork and set a high bar. 

NYC is home to some of the most stylish gentlemen on earth, but you would be surprised by just how many of them weren't born and came of age in this great city. That's why we're here to celebrate the natives who developed their sense of style in these streets and still absolutely run game on fools when it comes to style. Almost anyone who sees their first rat on the subway claims the title of "New Yorker," but those who were born and raised here are an increasingly rare breed. And that's why it's time to recognize The Most Stylish Native New Yorkers.

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