Kids have it so easy when it comes to watching porn these days. Just enter a few keystrokes to the right websites and you have unparalleled access to uncensored adult videos galore. The Hundreds latest collection quickly reminds everyone of the dark ages of porn access with its Spring 2014 “Scrambled Porn” pack.

Many might not know what that is, but to fill you in, accessing X-rated videos in the ‘90s was a struggle. If you weren’t one of the cool kids with a pirate cable box, porn viewing probably involved turning to the adult channel, and if you didn’t pay for it, the picture was a scrambled mess. Consider yourself lucky if a quick six-seconds of boob action flashed across the screen.

The Hundreds recreated the same visuals for the preview of the upcoming collection. Through blurred lines we can see some hoodies and tees in the mix. Look for clearer photos to show up before the collection drops on Jan. 23.

[via The Hundreds]