This day was bound to come.

We knew it was coming. All those mornings watching dad guide his tie into a Windsor were lessons for the time it would become acceptable for us to wear suits to work.

Not just a sweater, jacket and khakis thrown together, either - we're talking on a bespoke level. 

The Hill-Side's new line of blazers uses signature textiles of indigo, herringbone and wool that are usually reserved for hats, belts and watch bands. The move is part of a new venture for the company, which recently saw solid success with a custom shirting service at December's Pop-Up Flea. The slight patterns and turned-down colors create a Monet effect - from far away, nothing too controversial. But up close: crazy detail.

Each jacket runs between $395-$510, and will be available for purchase around August. More here.

[via Secret Forts]