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When someone is responsible for donating or raising a lot of money for an institution, it is customary for said institution to honor them by naming a wing, hall, or building after them. Such is the case with Anna Wintour and the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute. As benefit chair and fundraiser, Wintour has helped raised an incredible $125 million dollars to keep the Institute operational. Museum director Thomas P. Campbell said, "Anna has helped us realize a place where The Costume Institute can move into the future with the latest technology for creating immersive, cutting-edge exhibitions, developing new techniques for object conservation, and designing a customized collection storage facility." Obviously, they couldn't rename the Met, so they decided that when the renovations are complete, the Costume Institute will become the Anna Wintour Costume Center.

While the gesture is admirable and deserving, the name makes it sound a little like a Halloween store, your one-stop shop for designer dresses, black shades, and a not-so-sunny disposition. We're not sure why the word "Institute" had to be changed when it sounded so official. The Center will now share its initials with the American Wine Consumer Coalition, Afghan Wireless, and some guy named James who has the @AWCC Twitter handle on lock with three followers. We would much rather be confused with AWCI, the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. 

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