It's always great to go through old photos of your life to see how much you and your surroundings have changed, but it's even better to take that journey through time with someone else, especially celebrities. Portraits are cool and funny because most of us go through weird stages and awful trends, but anthropologically speaking it's our stuff that reveals who we really were.

Photographer Terry Richardson shared the Polaroid above of his first apartment in New York, and it's a gem. Located somewhere on 11th Street in the East Village, the photo shows a room with two portraits on the wall, two file cabinets that are pulling double duty as tables, a tropical-looking plant, and a very loud zebra couch that we're almost positive is a futon. We really want to know what the rest of this place looked like, but the futon is probably as good as it gets. The photo doesn't have a date, but Richardson once told the New York Times that he moved back to New York in 1991 and was photographing the nightlife scene. A Zebra futon, Polaroid picture, and East Village nightlife in the '90s sounds like a winning combination to us.

If those pictures could talk, they would probably have a lot of NSFW stories to tell.

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[via Terry's Diary]