Terry Richardson kept up his controversial reputation in 2013 with some smokin' hot photo shoots. Remember Terry and Miley Cyrus' scandalous hotel room pics? Selena Gomez's Harper's Bazaar shoot? The Beyonce flicks in GQ that started the year off right? Over time, Uncle Terry (as he likes to be called) has developed friendships with certain models that keep on coming back to his studio, like Lindsey WixsonSky Ferreira, and obviously Miley 

Early in his career, magazines rejected Richardson's photography as "amateurish" and "not fashion." Now, that very style has made him a high profile photographer who has photographed almost everyone who is anyone. From President Obama and Tyler, the Creator to Rihanna and Alessandra Ambrosio, he's photographed the most famous, influential people in our culture. Be sure to bring in the new year right by celebrating with The Hottest Terry Richardson Photo Shoots of 2013

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