It’s a good day for all you ‘Lo heads out there because Team USA just unveiled their Winter 2014 Olympic uniforms designed by Ralph Laruen. The athletes went on the Today Show fully laced in red, white, and blue for the nation to see. The most eye-catching piece was definitely the knitted cardigan that screams “Fuck Yeah, America!” as loud as possible. Done up patchwork style, the items are covered in stars, Olympic rings, “Team USA” labels, and the American flag. But are these an awesome reminiscence of '90s Lo-glory days, or did Ralph just toss up a brick?

Other items include cuffed sweatpants, beanies, gloves, and a turtleneck. And everything is patriotic about this collection down to the production. Fabrics are sourced from all over America, from California to Pennsylvania, which makes good on RL’s promise to keep everything close to home. With that comes slightly higher prices, but at least you know you’re getting quality products. But if the aesthetic doesn't offend you, head over to Ralph Lauren's Team USA site where you can cop every item.

[via Today]