In our Art World predictions for 2014, we said that it would not be surprising if Swizz Beatz decided to open a gallery, given how hard he has been living the #ArtLife recently. The producer is constantly adding pieces from emerging and established artists to his personal collection, including the work of Hebru Brantley, Swoon, KAWSErnie Barnes, and many others. The gallery prediction hasn't come true yet, but Swizz has added two more pieces this month that he recently acquired from this good friend RETNA.

Both paintings are the work of Miss Van, a French street artist active since the early 1990's and an important member of our "Most Influential Street Artists of All Time" list. At least one of the paintings was a gift from RETNA, though we're not sure if the other was too or if Swizz saw it in RETNA's collection and wrote the check because he just had to have it. Either way, they will join the deep catalog of awesome art that is #thedeancollection (Swizz's real name is Kasseem Dean) and hopefully we will get to see them outside of Instagram and in a physical gallery space this year.

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