Sean Suen's sense of what's got next is almost as sharp as his razor-thin lines and angular designs. His spring/summer 2013 line's unveiling on Beijing runways featured some looks - kaleidoscope prints, exposed zippers, twisted but tailored pieces - that were stuck on other brands' sites months thereafter. Others -  wing-tipped pant pockets among them - we figured we might never see again. 

In the Chinese designer's latest effort, Suen pushes the borders on what textures, lines and hems should go where. Model Bryant McCuddin, in various J's and super short shorts, (rockin' them hairy ass legs with no shame, eh? Way to go, dude) dons Suen's designs behind the lens of Beijing-based photographer Trunk Xu. An elongated white shirt with a cut-out at the stomach, a blazer with a game changer of a lapel (so that's where the tie has gone...) and one black coat with silver collars later, bet you're still wondering where the hell this guy came up with these angles. 

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[via Sean Suen Instagram]