Sandro was founded in 1984, so the Parisian brand was around for and is (presumably) familiar with the dopest styles of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Perhaps it's no surprise then that it’s revisiting the grunge and rave scenes of that era for its highly-anticipated spring/summer 2014 collection.

The upcoming collection includes items ranging from sporty looks to sharp tailored choices. There’s an outfit for practically any occasion. Outerwear selections include bombers, varsity, and anorak jackets, just to name a few. Tailored separates that include an all-black tuxedo are also coming our way. Plenty of color and pattern is found throughout the button-down choices, including some floral and stripe options. Sweaters also provide a dose of color, with the highlight being an orange knit pullover.

This may not be the ‘80s and ‘90s you remember, but it's refreshing to see a modern, cleaned up version that’s not a cheap carbon copy of the past.