Shouts to Hedi Slimane for straight killing it at Saint Laurent despite becoming a Kanye West meme in 2013 and for making not only women, but dudes everywhere aspire to be flagrantly anorexic. But mostly, shouts for just killing it with dope leather jackets and flannel shirts. Our own Joe La Puma can't stop copping the shit and is acting all types of reckless right now. Dude bought BOTH colorways of the luxe Air Jordan 1's AND a flannel shirt. PRAY FOR HIM. Now, Paul Franco and Emmanuel Giraud on behalf of PURPLE Magazine have released a film called, uh, "Paris, 2014 — Saint Laurent". The film centers around deux really, really skinny people who smoke cigarettes and smang in the City of Lights, only then homeboy starts making out with some dude at the club! Gay, straight or bisexual, it's NEVER a good look to ditch your date and just start sucking face with some rando. You're lucky your clothes are so awesome or I might have a problem with your lack of fidelity, bro.