People usually draw or write in the dirt on other people's cars and it's usually a quick message like "Wash me" or something vulgar. Rick Minns (aka Ruddy Muddy) draws on his own white van and he does so with amazing talent. Minns' art is way more complex and beautiful. He takes the time to shade in parts of his work and actually pays attention to the scale and composition, as if the mud were his paint and the van his canvas. 

What began as a way to pass the time while standing guard so that people wouldn't take the florist shop's catalytic converters grew into something that people paid attention to and looked for when they saw his truck. Minns began adding his Facebook info to the art along with the message "If you see this and smile, please let me know." Now people around the world are adding Ruddy Muddy as a friend and sharing how much they love his art.

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[via Guardian