Finding a work/life balance can be tough, but Dutch designer Richard Hutten is here to make that equilibrium easier. Hutton collaborated with furniture brand Lande to create a conference table that doubles as a ping-pong table called the Ping Table.

The Ping Table is fashioned from beech and features inlays of walnut to demarcate a table tennis field. It comes equipped with drawers on each end that contain two white paddles, balls, and a detachable net that can be clamped onto the tabletop.

Hutton was inspired to create the dual function table in response to the current work culture. “Due to the digitalization of society, we are always ‘on,’ so it is important to take a break and have fun. Design is traditionally about solving problems. I don’t solve problems, I create possibilities,” Hutten said. The ability to transform a work object into a play object encourages people to take a break from their responsibilities and let off steam, which can lead to more positive moods, happier workers, and increased productivity.

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[via Dezeen]